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Are you a Type A that absolutely loves crossing things off your to do list but your list keeps getting longer rather than shorter?

I get it, as an Entrepreneur there are never enough hours in the day and you end up doing things on the fly that you wish you had actually planned first. 

You throw together your Social Media graphics and don’t have consistent branding.


Social Media is draining you

Your Website is out of date

Great ideas not being implemented

Not having a Social Life 

You have a great idea and realise that you really don’t have the time to even take messy action. 

Making the time to work on your idea, but end up sacrificing your precious time with your friends and family! 

Your website actually is not reflecting your current offers and you’re losing out on potential business.  

Don’t worry, I’ve been there!

Remember, this is absolutely not why you started your business in the first place!

Sometimes your clients come first, and after all, that’s one of the reasons you started your business, to help people with your unique skills that can change people’s lives.

But… If only you had the time to work WITH clients AND on your business. 

Isn’t working with your clients way more fun than giving up your freetime to work in your business? 

Because babes, working 24/7 is absolutely not the vibe.

When you start your business, you are working evenings and weekends, because it is your passion! But as you grow your business, it makes sense to work smarter, not harder. 


TO THIS ......

Stressing about creating content and hating your graphics

Feeling overwhelmed and then procrastinating!

Leaving everything to the last minute and pulling an all nighter

Cancelling social plans because you have so much to do

Spending more time on your current clients and attracting more clients!

Feeling super confident about your upcoming launch

Actually being able to spend quality time with your friends and family

Having your social media done for you

book me in!


"Heather was amazing in assisting me with setting up a booking plugin on my client's website!

 I provided her with some initial details, and she took care of everything flawlessly. Not only did she handle the setup effortlessly, but she also provided valuable feedback on additional questions I had to address with my client.

This support truly saved me time and allowed me to focus on other aspects of the website. I highly recommend working with Heather!."

Margaux - MW Web Designs


"Heather created me some snippets for my podcast Evolve & Expand and experimented with a new logo! She has created something which is so simple and elegant, and I am truly amazed.

The tech/design stuff is not my strength so to find someone who was able to take what would take me 5 hours and do it in 1 was incredible!

A very very worthy investment! She is so forward thinking, attentive and just an incredible human to work with, I would highly recommend!."

Lorna- Evolve & Expand Podcast


"Heather created me a branding board with templates & graphics which blew me away!

I gave her a very loose description of what I like and she managed in literally an hour to create something I ABSOLUTELY love!

Her attention to detail and simplicity was incredible!!

It has saved me a HUGE amount of time so thank you."

Lorna- Lorna McKenna Coaching

Your time is limited and when you refer back to your “why” for starting, I can guarantee that having the time and freedom to do what is most important to you, is part of that.

I get it, life happens. 

I know you have a half filled out content planner, but still end up knocking up posts on Canva at the last minute. 

You’ve probably even got a launch happening in a month and you have been promoting it like crazy to your amazing audience, but you haven’t even updated your website or designed the deck you will be presenting on the day!

But, what if I told you that it doesn’t have to always be this hectic? 

You don’t always have to be running around like your hair's on fire, and you could actually have the time to plan AND strategise your content and your offers.

Say Hello to working with a Virtual Assistant.. 
LET me be the Thelma to your Louise*

* disclaimer i cannot guarantee brad pitt will make an appearance

I can guarantee some giggling, a lot of your To Do list being crossed off and a big sigh of relief as you finally get to sit and chill, with your beverage of choice obviously.

I’ve been in your shoes and there are some days I am in your shoes still, we’re all human. AND because I’ve been there, and I work with entrepreneurs in the same situation I know how valuable it is to invest in my business. 

I can only take on a limited number of VA clients per month so if time saving and stress busting is something you're looking for.....

book me in!!





10 hours per month / 2.5 Hours per week
Free weekly catch-up call
Provide 1-2 key services each week
Ideal for small business owners who need a helping hand 


15 hours per month/ 3.45 hours per week
Free weekly catch-up call
Key services vary depending on client needs
Ideal for business owners with no time for repetitive tasks

20 hours per month/ 5 hours per week
Free weekly catch-up call
Provide 2-3 key services
Ideal for growing business in need of regular support



So how does it work?







This might be the step that takes the least amount of time BUT it is the most important. This is the time we get to have a good old chinwag, realise we get on like a house on fire and finally get around to working out what I can help you with.

This is your time to shine, you look at your to-do list, decide on what package you would need for the first month. The first 30 days are a stand alone contract and after that we will work in 3 month containers. Hours can be rolled over if necessary.

I will send you all the necessary contracts and onboarding documents and I’ll get to work.
I recommend weekly check-in calls to revise the previous week, and if you have any additional tasks for the upcoming week.

It only takes a 30 minute call for us to have a good old chat about your business and understand how I can help you.
We will also discuss my available packages and pricing.

If you’re happy after the call we can move forward and work together. 

THIS is your sign to grow your business and take care of your clients and let me take care of your to do list. 

jump in

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