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Guest Blog alert from the amazing Nicole from Pick of the Bunch Copy shares her insights on why the words on your website matter and how to make them impactful.

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Is design & copy the greatest love affair of all time? Since writing was first discovered there has always been someone who has said we can definitely zhuzh this up.

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How to make a mood board for your brand. If you’re a new business owner or you’re looking for a refresh I would highly recommend doing a mood board.

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After building my first shopify store years ago I was hooked. i just loved the design process and finding photos to match my brand. i knew then i wanted to work for myself online it just took me a while to get there.

fast forward a few years and i took a wordpress course and started my web design journey. i've designed and built a few websites on wordpress and midway through the last two i discovered showit. showit gave me the flexibility i craved and the design process runs so much smoother.

i've also renewed my love for telling a story through a brand by building templates for small business owners who want to get online quickly. 

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Hi, I'm Heather

Web Designer, coffee & almond croissant aficionado & supporter of women,